Were you aware of the “Gentleman Function” in the 7 Series?

7-series | August 12th, 2009 by 9
bmw gentleman function

I’ve driven the new BMW 750i for about a week or so, but for some reason, I have failed to see this feature. The Edmunds …

I’ve driven the new BMW 750i for about a week or so, but for some reason, I have failed to see this feature. The Edmunds guys were more agile and discovered this option buried within the iDrive menu options.

So what is the “Gentlemen Function”?  It’s that switch to the left on the door. The standard definition states that the front passenger seat can be adjusted with the controls of the driver’s seat once you press a switch located on the driver’s door.

While our buddies at Jalopnik call the naming convention a bit “chauvinistic”, we decided to look past that. Sure, a better translation could have been chosen, but that’s beside the point now.

bmw gentleman function

So how is this feature useful? Let me start with this question: how many times you, as a driver, had to lean over to adjust the front seat position so passengers can get into the car easier either through the front passenger door or rear? Many times? Well, here is where this feature come in handy and allows the driver to adjust the seat by using his own controls.

Looking beyond any naming convention or real-life usefulness, we find it interesting that the engineers look at all the potential obstacles when it comes to usability and accessibility.

[Source: Edmunds | Jalopnik ]

9 responses to “Were you aware of the “Gentleman Function” in the 7 Series?”

  1. L. Hamilton says:

    This function realy sucks…

  2. Giom says:

    Thats attention to detail!

    Many times, my wife had just done her nails and can not adjust her seat for what ever reason – usually to allow for more space in the back.

    It’s a tiny function, but I immediately recognized its worth.

  3. Ah man, i was hoping it involved a balaclava, a cigarette and a really big spy-style watch that makes you invisible.


  4. okeribok says:

    What’s the original German name? Herrentaste?

  5. Kevin Reder says:

    I am a Realtor and have people in and out of my car all day – I am CONSTANTLY repositioning the front seat by reaching across the car. I wish my 2010 535 had this option, I would use it daily.

  6. X5SoB says:

    Sounds like a useful function. Neat gadget, but questionable name that is bound to cause countless jokes about BMW drivers being douchebags, not gentlemen.

  7. ppmotors says:

    this is the BEST function, think a girl in passanger, uma active this function and throws the bank without girl waiting. LoL

    This is for those who know how to use…

  8. Jan says:

    Mercedes S-Class has this feature as a standard for many years .. quite useful! Good job BMW, that’s what’s been missing among others.

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