Recent spy photos have shown off the next-generation BMW X2, which is only the second generation of X2 ever. However, the new second-gen car seems to look radically different than the car it replaces and this new render shows off what it might look like when it finally debuts. (we don’t own the render but it can be seen here)

This render is based off of the few spy photos that have surfaced recently, so the shape is likely pretty accurate. And while some of the details were able to be seen through the camouflaged test mules seen in spy photos, they were mostly hidden. So the detailed features—things like the headlights, grilles, and front air intakes—of this render might not be so accurate.

However, those details aren’t the important bits. The second-gen BMW X2 is going to have a drastically different body shape the outgoing first-gen car. Instead of the first-gen car’s frumpy, hatchback-like body style, the new X2 looks far more like BMW’s other coupe-like SUVs. It almost looks like a shrunken BMW X4, which will be interesting. BMW’s coupe-ish SUVs have never been widely beloved by media and old-school enthusiasts but customers seem to love them and the proof is in the sales sheets. Cars like the X4 and X6 do very well for BMW, which is why there have been multiple generations of them. So switching the X2 over to such styling was probably a wise decision.

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Personally, I think the new X2 looks significantly better than the first one. Not that I like coupe-ish SUVs at all, because I don’t, but I liked the X2’s styling even less. It was a weird, mutant hatchback on stilts and just never looked quite right. It was good to drive, shockingly so, but its ungainly shape and lack of practicality made it one of the most bewildering and disappointing Bimmers of its time.

Switching over to this new shape will do wonders but so too will its new chassis. The new BMW X2 will be based on the new FAAR platform that underpins the new BMW X1, which is a great handling car. A new chassis, all-new styling, and a drastically upgraded interior will breath new life into an otherwise dying car. There will also be a fully electric BMW iX2, which we do hope comes to North America, where weirdly shaped crossovers sell best. Suddenly, the BMW X2—a previously forgotten and unloved car—seems far more intriguing.

[Source: Motor1]