BMW hasn’t officially confirmed anything but we pretty much know the BMW i5 Touring is coming. There’s going to be an electrified version of all BMW models and the 5 Series Touring is hugely important to the brand’s sales sheet in Europe. So an i5 Touring is sort of inevitable. When it does debut, it could be the ideal family BMW and it could look a little something like this render.

This new render from Top Electric SUV shows off what a BMW i5 Touring might look like using the new 5 Series design language. However, that gets a bit tricky because the next-gen 5 Series hasn’t been revealed yet. However, spy shots and leaked photos have shown off enough of its design for this render artist to get a good enough idea of what it will look like. Then, from there, just give it some electric looking bits.

The design of this BMW i5 Touring render looks pretty typical. Its face gets slimmer, modern looking headlights, and simple faux kidney grilles. Similar to the i4 and iX, the grilles are replaced with black plastic panels, though expect the i5’s to be more like the i4’s, without the cool self-healing film of the iX’s grille panels. Down the side of the car, it gets the same flush-style door handles as the i4 and an attractive looking Hofmeister Kink.

Overall, even the render is really good looking and would make a handsome daily driver. In an era of over-styled BMWs with monster grilles and split headlights, seeing a BMW design such as this is a breath of fresh air. When the BMW i5 Touring does finally go into production, if it looks like this it will be a hit.

If the BMW i5 Touring is a hit, it could become the best overall daily driver in the Bavarian brand’s lineup. More importantly, it could become the best family car in the lineup. Not only would it be just as comfortable, practical, and enjoyable to drive as a standard 5 Series Touring, just with an all-electric powertrain. While there’s no word on what sort of powertrains will be available, you can expect at least an eDrive40 model. Though, there could also be an M50 model, acting as the electric alternative to the BMW M550i Touring.

Of course, BMW hasn’t officially announced the i5 Touring be we know it’s coming. It may even make it to the U.S. market, if BMW can find a sales case for it.

[Source: Top Electric SUV]