When it comes to big, three-row, luxury SUVs, only one name has reigned supreme for decades—Range Rover. Sure, big Ranges have had their issues with reliability over the years but that hasn’t stopped rich people from snatching them up like hot cakes. And for good reason, the Range Rover is an incredible luxury SUV with the size to make it a great family car and the off-roading chops to keep it capable in any weather condition. The BMW X7 hit the scene a few years ago and, now that it’s been facelifted, it’s better than ever. So can it actually take on the big Range?

In this new video from Carwow, we get to see the BMW X7 LCI take on the big Range Rover to see which three-row luxury SUV is best. More specifically, we see if the BMW X7 M60i can take on the Range Rover LWB (Long Wheelbase). In this test, the Range Rover uses a six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, while the BMW uses the new S68 twin-turbo V8. So performance isn’t going to be comparable. Instead, what’s important is whether the BMW can keep up with the Range Rover’s luxury and space.

Even with its turbo-diesel, this Range Rover is quite a bit more expensive than the BMW but doesn’t really come with many more features. Both cars have seven seats, heated and cooled seats, fancy infotainment systems, tons of gorgeous materials, and basically all of the same tech bits. However, they do have their strengths and weaknesses.

The Range Rover feels more luxurious inside, thanks to a more beautiful design and some more luxurious touches in the second row. Land Rover wanted to push the Range Rover more upmarket, potentially even to compete with Bentley, so it feels a bit more special in many ways. That said, the BMW X7 actually has more quality materials. While the Range Rover’s highs are higher than the Bimmer’s, its lows are lower. The X7 might not have the plush leather headliner or gorgeously thick carpets but it also lacks the cheap plastic on some of the Range Rover’s door panel parts.

On the road, they’re far more evenly matched than you might think. They trade blows a bit, being better at certain things than the other, but overall they’re shockingly close. It’s worth watching this review because the verdict is far more interesting than you may have originally thought.