A few weeks ago, Alex Kersten and his friend Taylor went to a car auction and bought two very cheap luxury cars. The pair of cars they bought consisted of a surprisingly clean E60 5 Series, which miraculously had no real issues, and an L322 Range Rover, which did have some issues. Both cars were bought for under £3,000… combined. In fact, the Bimmer was only £775, which is basically free. The Range Rover was about £2,000. So which one faired better on a 500 mile adventure?

In this new video, Kersten and company take the two cars on the journey to see which one does better. Prior to starting, the E60 had no real issues whatsoever and required no maintenance work at all. While the Range Rover had quite a few issues, such as a bad turbo hose, it inexplicably went into limp mode several times, and it had some suspension issues. Some things were remedied, others weren’t. So things weren’t looking good for the Range Rover at the start.

And the got even worse. Alex needed to refuel the Range Rover as soon as they started and while filling it up realized that it was leaking brake fluid. So it needed to be repaired, which delayed the adventure a week. However, once it was repaired, the next week they restarted the trip.

Once they were back on the road, the Range Rover was mostly fine. In fact, it was even getting decent fuel economy. It wasn’t enough to match the 5 Series’, as that car’s small four-cylinder diesel engine was obviously far more efficient than the Range Rover’s massive V8. So when you combine its superior reliability and better fuel economy, the 5 Series was crushing the bit British SUV in its own country. However, the doesn’t mean it was all smooth sailing for the 5 Series, either.

After quite a while, the 5 Series started making quite the serious sounding rattle. In fact, its engine sounded worse than the Range Rover’s ever had. It became a bit of a concern and so the question of which car would actually make it to their destination and back became a real question. To see how it went, and which car faired better, check out the video, as I don’t want to spoil it. However, was certainly a more interesting ending than a beginning. It seemed as if the 5 Series was going to crush the Range Rover but that didn’t necessarily happen. So check it out.