BMW has never truly had a Range Rover competitor. The new BMW X7 is close, as it offers similar seating and similar levels of luxury but it lacks the Range Rover’s off-road prowess and it trades some of the Range Rover’s opulence for a bit of sportiness. However, the two cars are close than ever, now that the Range Rover P530 actually uses a BMW engine. So which one is better?

In this new video from Piston Heads, we get to see the two cars go head-to-head to see which BMW V8-powered luxury SUV is best overall. What’s interesting is that, despite both having BMW V8s that belong in M Performance cars, the BWM X7 M60i and Range Rover P530 use different engines. The Bimmer gets BMW’s latest S68 engine, while the Range Rover used BMW’s old N63 engine. They’re both 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8s, and they both make the same power, but they’re different engines. BMW’s is more efficient, produces fewer emissions, and is even a mild hybrid.

Despite having similar engines and being closer than ever before, the BMW X7 M60i and Range Rover P530 couldn’t feel more different on the road. The Range Rover is softer, more relaxed, and feels more premium. Its interior looks better and it feels more luxurious. It also rides better and is quieter inside. However, the BMW X7 M60i is a big sharper to drive, with more engaging steering and more athletic handling. But does that make it a better luxury car?

It doesn’t seem so. Not only is the interior of the Range Rover nicer, Piston Heads’ Features Editor and video host John Howell seems to think that its cabin tech is actually better. For years, BMW’s iDrive has crushed the touchscreen infotainment systems from Jaguar Land Rover. However, with iDrive 8’s switch to mostly touch functions, it’s become more confusing and annoying to use than the newest Range Rover system. Which is shocking.

For the money, though, which cars is the better all-around luxury SUV? Is it the luxurious Range Rover or the sporty BMW X7 M60i? Find out in this new video.