It’s been quite some time since we’ve done talked about our two-car dream garages and, in the interim, BMW’s lineup has changed considerably. So the ideal 2022 dream BMW garage is going to be quite a bit different than it was a few years ago. Let’s have some fantasy fun before the holidays.

First, some ground rules. We can only choose cars of model years 2022-2023 (limited cars that aren’t on sale anymore still count) but they have to have actually been on sale. That means no future 2023 models that aren’t out yet. But, for instance, cars like the BMW X1 or iX1, which have already gone on sale as 2023 models, count. So let’s get started, I’ll go first and then you follow in the comments.


This one is easy. It’s my favorite BMW of this century and it’d be my daily driver until the end of time, if it were possible. I love everything about the M5 CS; the way it looks, the way it drives, its interior, its seats, and its performance. Sure, it isn’t the most practical of M5 models but it can still fit two car seats so it works for me Plus, it has the best steering of any modern BMW, the best chassis balance, and is the most special feeling. If I could choose any 2022-2023 BMW for my dream garage, it’d be the M5 CS. I know it’s a bit of a stretch, because it was sold in 2021, but it was sold as a 2022 model year, so it counts.

I’d also get it in Frozen Deep Green, as it’s the only correct color choice and I wouldn’t change a damn thing about it. The wheels, the tires, the interior—it’s all perfect to me.

2023 BMW X7 xDrive40i

This one was actually a bit of a struggle. After the M5 CS, there really isn’t another BMW that jumps out at me. The M3 Comp is great but what’s the point after the M5 CS? The M4 Comp is good too but the M5 CS is more fun anyway. The upcoming BMW M2 isn’t actually on sale yet, so that’s out. And the BMW Z4 is tempting but, again, if I want fun, the M5 CS is already better. So I figured I’d go with practicality, something that would make my life easier and more luxurious. And the new X7 is the best BMW for both.

Now that the X7 has been given an LCI facelift, it looks better than ever and its interior is more luxurious than ever. Yet it still drives with the same impressive agility and comfort as the pre-LCI car. Why choose the xDrive40i instead of the V8-powered M60i? I don’t need the performance if I have the M5 CS in the driveway, so I’d prefer the silky smooth character of the B58 inline-six. Plus, it’d be more fuel efficient. So when I just want comfort and space, or I need to haul stuff from Home Depot, the X7 will take care of me. But when I want some fun, the M5 CS would do the trick while still letting me use it everyday. Perfect two-car garage.