We always knew BMW would make an M2 CS from this new generation but it’s now somehow been confirmed thanks to some recent spy photos. When it does finally debut, though, it’s going to have some mighty large shoes to fill, as it replaces the outstanding and beloved F87-generation M2 CS. However, the G87 M2 CS has the potential to not only match the G87 but surpass it. BMW M just has to unlock it, which we know that it can.

I haven’t driven the G87 BMW M2 just yet (though I’m going to in a few days), so I can’t comment on how good, or not so good, it is to drive. However, there are a few fundamental things that will change for the G87 BMW M2 CS that might help it best its predecessor.


2025 BMW M2 CS spy photo / https://www.instagram.com/dsap_25/

In the immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson: “Powerrrrrrr!” The new BMW M2 makes 453 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque and it’s plenty.  It’s more than enough. With its eight-speed automatic, the M2 can reach 60 mph in under four seconds, making it almost as quick as a Ferrari F430. However, the BMW M2 CS will be quite a bit more potent.

We don’t have official power figures just yet but word on the street is that it will pack at least 500 horsepower. It’s possible it makes a bit more, as the S58 twin-turbo I6 engine is capable of so much more, but 500 is enough to make it a little monster. All of that power will only be sent to the rear wheels, too. No clever all-wheel drive system for the M2 CS.


2025 BMW M2 CS spy photo / https://www.instagram.com/dsap_25/

As with all other recent ‘CS’ cars, it’s the little things that make all the difference. For instance, for CS-duty, BMW typically changes ball joints and camber, increases structural rigidity, upgrades the suspension, and even tweaks the steering, to make it the best driving version of itself. In cars like the F87 M2 CS and F90 M5 CS, those changes made massive differences to how they felt. They’re the best driving BMWs of the past decade and potentially the best driving BMWs of this century. If BMW can replicate that with the G87 M2 CS, it’s going to be a sensational driver’s car.


2025 BMW M2 CS spy photo / https://www.instagram.com/dsap_25/

The way a car looks has nothing to do with how it feels from behind the wheel but what they do is increase desirability and enhance the ownership experience. To distinguish the M2 CS from the standard car, the front end gets a new splitter and the rear end gets a spoiler integrated into the trunk lid. It should look about as aggressive as the F87 M2 CS, which was quite mild compared to many other extreme Bimmers. From what we can see, the M2 CS will look quite a bit cooler than the current car and that would

What Could Make it Better?

2025 BMW M2 CS spy photo / https://www.instagram.com/dsap_25/

On paper, a 500 horsepower rear-wheel-drive BMW M2 CS sounds pretty perfect, right? Well, everything can be made better and there’s one way the M2 CS can be made better but it unfortunately wont happen—a manual transmission. The M2 CS will likely use an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which is a disappointment considering how good the F87 M2 CS was with a manual. The eight-speed auto isn’t bad in any current M car but it lacks the engagement that a CS car should have.