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Video: BMW Junior Team Looks Back on 2021

Even though 2020 proved to be a lost year, just as the BMW Junior Team was starting to warm up, 2021 rolled by and proved that there’s a lot of potential in that team. Dan…

BMW Junior Team finishes NLS race on the podium with the M6 GT3

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BMW Junior Team to race in the BMW M6 GT3 this year

Just as the year 2020 was finishing off, and BMW was announcing its pullback from various motorsport events, a lot of us started to wonder where the newly reinstated BMW Junior Team will race. Well,…

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BMW Junior Team to race in M6 GT3 cars next year

Just as we were starting to get worried about the future of the young drivers in the BMW Junior Team effort set up earlier in 2020, it looks like the Bavarians are determined to take…