Estoril Blue Metallic BMW 335i With HRE FF04 Wheels 7 830x553

Estoril Blue Metallic BMW 335i With HRE FF04 Wheels

Choosing Estoril Blue Metallic for your BMW F30 3 Series is without a doubt a great choice. The highly attractive finish accentuates perfectly the body lines of the current-generation 3 Series, giving it an even…

Video: Matt Farah Reviews 830 WHP BMW 335i

When the N54 engine first came out, it took enthusiasts a while to make up their minds if it was a winner or a loser. It wasn’t an easy decision either, as it was set…

Buy BMW M3 or tune a 335i?

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Is now a better time than ever to buy a BMW 335i?

We all know that the BMW 335i will soon be replaced with the post-LCI BMW 340i. Along with the numeric name change comes a new, more powerful engine from BMW’s new EfficientDynamics engine line. There…

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BMW F30 335i on Stance SC6 Slate Grey Wheels

For many, the BMW F30 335i fills up a sweet spot in BMW’s current model range. It provides impressive performance at a reasonable price. The BMW 335i of the current generation has a starting MSRP…

Cars: Matters Of The Heart

As cars enter and leave our ownership we are often flooded with a volley of mixed emotions. This is one of those stories. He congratulated me as he shook my hand, then he handed me…

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What’s YOUR Pick: BMW 328i or 335i?

During our recent coverage of the F30 BMW 328i launch in Barcelona, Spain, we were smitten by the new turbo 4 cylinder on offer. It’s a phenomenal engine – checking off all the boxes systematically….