Normally, what we’re about to show you wouldn’t really happen. Drag racing two cars that are so different and far apart from each other in terms of performance wouldn’t make sense. However, there’s been a lot about the potential the N54 BMW engine has and this is further proof. In the video posted below we get to see just how far that piece of engineering can be pushed thanks to an E92 BMW 335i.

Thanks to the already brilliant setup BMW gifted the car with but probably even more due to the tuning that was done to it, the 3er in the video is now putting out some 600 HP at the crank. That’s twice the amount of HP a stock model would be able to show on a dyno. The twin-turbo setup of the N54 engine was upgraded with new Palm Turbos stage 1 turbochargers, a new ECU map, Supersprint catback X-Pipe, VTT inlets, a new intercooler from KL Racing, Ultimate Racing downpipes without catalysts, Walbro 455 pump and 200cell Magnaflow sport catalysts.


On the other side of the race we’re seeing a stock Porsche GT3 RS with a PDK gearbox lining up. That means we’re looking at 500 HP on a car that weighs less than the BMW and has a faster shifting gearbox. On the downside, the horsepower figure is reached using a naturally aspirated engine so the torque figure is also lower than on the Bimmer. Furthermore, whatever advantage the Porsche might’ve had thanks to its all-wheel drive setup, it was denied due to the rolling start the two drivers agreed to.

So, what could possibly happen in this drag race? If you were a betting man, which would you pick, without looking at the video first? Could the Porsche keep up despite an obvious horsepower disadvantage or will the tuned 3er win it this time? Let’s check it out.