The guy behind the LivingLifeFast channel has a soft spot for modified BMWs, and this E92 is right up his alley. It started out in life as a plain 335i before going through more changes than we can count. While the original car made about 300 horsepower, it now pumps out more than double. Indeed, with 660 hp on tap, it has more muscle than an M8 Competition Coupe and eclipses even the mighty M5 CS.

It should be noted that kind of horsepower was attainable in a dyno test with 20% ethanol. The owner believes there was room for more, but he argues that 660 hp for a road car is more than enough. The E92 uses a single-turbo N54 that revs up to 7,000 rpm while boost kicks in at around rpm.

The owner has had the car for around five years and decided to keep the exterior largely stock. It means this E92 is somewhat of a sleeper considering the monster lurking from underneath the hood. Of course, it’s a sleeper right up until you hear the engine’s beastly soundtrack. It’s that kind of noise people who are not car fans will hate to hear in the morning.

In fact, the E92 is so loud the owner wears an earplug, which some would argue is a sign the number of decibels has exceeded a comfortable limit. He has modified just about every aspect of the sports coupe, save for the manifold customized by British aftermarket shop Walton Motorsport. Few of the internals have remained intact as the owner went to town with the tweaks, beyond the engine.

The engine’s music is quite intoxicating, if not a bit offensive. Some like their modified cars to sound this brutal, so we’re not judging anyone. This E92 is said to be worth around £40,000, but the owner hasn’t decided yet whether he’ll sell it.

Source: LivingLifeFast / YouTube