Choosing Estoril Blue Metallic for your BMW F30 3 Series is without a doubt a great choice. The highly attractive finish accentuates perfectly the body lines of the current-generation 3 Series, giving it an even more appealing look. To some, the additional touch that this car need is a set of wheels. With HRE FlowForm wheels, you cannot go wrong. This entry level wheel lineup offers some of the most appealing classic HRE designs, but in a flow forming technology, yielding a lightweight, strong and reasonably priced wheel.

This Estoril Blue Metallic BMW 335i comes with a set of HRE FF04 wheels. These are sized 19×9.5 in the front and 19×10.5 in the rear. With a Tarmac Black finish, they make for a great addition to this beautiful vehicle.

Estoril Blue Metallic BMW 335i With HRE FF04 Wheels

Even though the current offering in the same power range is the BMW 340i, the 335i still comes with a big enough punch to make the 3 Series powered with this engine a formidable road warrior. The vehicle is powered by a 3.0 liter BMW TwinPower Turbo engine churning out 300 horsepower powering the rear wheels. The BMW 335i comes standard with a fast and easy to use 8-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission with Adaptive Transmission Control (ATC).

The BMW 335i can accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 5.5 seconds. The vehicle is able to accelerate to an electronically limited top speed of 155mph. For many, this is the perfect balance of power, performance, and aesthetics. Just a tad below the much famed BMW M3 and BMW M4 models.

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