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BMW recalls model year 2010-2011 BMW 335d vehicles

BMW is recalling more than 6,500 model year 2010-2011 BMW 335d vehicles because of problems with the battery cables, problems that could cause the engines to die while driving. The diesel vehicles have power systems where…

Why we shouldn’t forget the E90 BMW 335d

We’re in a bit of a transition period with BMW at the moment. The Bavarian brand is currently making a big switch to a more electrified, connected automotive world. This means that the cars that…

VIDEO: The Smoking Tire tests a modified BMW 335d

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New Video Ad: BMW 335d

One of the two BMW diesels in the U.S., the 335d Sedan, gets promoted once again. With a production date ending in August of 2011, the BMW 335d will most likely be replaced when the…