Our sister-magazine Bimmertoday has just learned that BMW will finally offer the 335d xDrive models on the F30 and F31 platforms. When it goes on sale in Summer of 2013, the BMW 335d xDrive will be available with a twin-turbo diesel engine and more than 300 horsepower. At a little later date, the F31 335d xDrive Touring will be made available as well.

These models will be offered without a doubt to European customers, but it remains unknown which one an whether they will make their way onto U.S. soil.

As with the top-diesels in 5 Series and 7 Series families, BMW will offer the twin-turbo six-cylinder engine in the 3 Series F30 exclusively with the xDrive, a variant without all-wheel drive is not planned – unlike the 300 hp petrol engine 335i where customers can choose between rear-wheel and all-wheel drive.


In addition to the xDrive, diesel lovers will get the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission as standard. Despite a standard consumption of well under six liters per 100 kilometers, the turbo-diesel will accelerate in approximately 5.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The 335d xDrive sedan could start at about 50,000 euros, while the touring will have an additional premium price of 1,750 euros.

According to some sources, an BMW M350d xDrive with a Triturbo diesel engine is not planned, simply cause of a small market for such a diesel beast.