BMW is recalling more than 6,500 model year 2010-2011 BMW 335d vehicles because of problems with the battery cables, problems that could cause the engines to die while driving. The diesel vehicles have power systems where power is transferred through the positive battery cables in the trunks to the fuse boxes located between the glove compartments and the dash panels.

The connector at the end of the cable and the corresponding terminal on the fuse box are both coated with tin and the vehicles contain a plastic (instead of metal) support bracket at the fuse box. If there are movements between the cable connector and the terminal on the fuse box, the connection may become damaged over time. Variations in the electrical resistance at this connection could occur based on how much the connectors have degraded.

BMW further says high current flow and increased heat on the connectors could wear them down even more.

Too much wear can cause breaks in the electrical connections and cause the vehicles to fail to start. If the vehicle does start, a driver may notice the instrument panel display flickering or the engine shutting down while driving.

The 2010-2011 BMW 335d recall is expected to begin July 6, 2018, when dealers will replace the positive battery cables and secure the cables better than before.

Call BMW at 800-525-7417 if you have questions or concerns about your vehicle.