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BMW iX production kicked off at Dingolfing plant today

After the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, it is time for another completely new model to enter production. Today, BMW announced that its fully electric SUV flagship, the iX, entered production officially at the Dingolfing…

BMW iX Prototype review calls it a ‘very impressive package’

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BMW iX xDrive 50 looks imposing in a black color

Most of the BMW iX marketing materials are showing the high-end electric crossover in the Aventurine Red launch color or Alpine White. But today, we get to take a look at the BMW iX in…

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Video: All you need to know about the new BMW iX

The new BMW iX is set to write history for the Bavarian brand as it will become the technology flagship of a company that’s no stranger to innovation. Therefore, there’s a lot hanging in the…

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Live Photos of the BMW iX xDrive50 in Washington D.C.

When the BMW iX was first unveiled, I lost count of the negative comments in about thirteen seconds. Our social media pages had more mixed reviews but the comments sections on articles about the iX…

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Rumor: BMW i3 global production ends in 2022

Eight years laster and over 200,000 units sold, and the success story of the BMW i3 comes to an end. We learned last week that the U.S. production will end in July 2021, and in…

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BMW iX Coupe Rendered with X6 Styling Cues

If you were to ask my honest opinion, I’d say there’s no chance of a potential BMW iX Coupe. However, with German brands’ penchant for coupe-ifying everything from sedans to SUVs, I wouldn’t put it…