If you’ve been saving to buy (or lease) an electric BMW, now might just be the perfect time to sign your name on the dotted line. Cars Direct got a hold of a dealer bullet sent to dealers across the United States, informing them about significant rebates on EVs. These deals are available through April 30 for all the company’s zero-emission models in the US.

The i4 and i5 are now $5,000 off, courtesy of a purchase incentive. That’s regardless of whether you finance through BMW Financial Services or buy the car outright. Factor in the $1,000 loyalty discount for the i4 and $1,500 for the i5, and you’ll be saving even more money. You must be a current or former BMW owner or lessee to take advantage of this extra bonus. A $7,500 lease credit is available for both cars.

Step up to the bigger i7 and the purchase incentive grows to $7,500. In the case of the flagship sedan, the loyalty discount amounts to $3,000. You’re looking at saving $10,500 by buying the car. That said, a lease makes more sense considering BMW has a $9,900 lease credit on the i7. Combine that with the loyalty discount and the price goes down by nearly $13,000.

There are deals on the iX as well, including a $7,500 purchase incentive and a $9,900 lease credit. If you’re not in a hurry, we’re hearing an upgraded iX is coming in 2025 with extra power and range.

On top of that, Cars Direct points out that the $1,000 conquest credit still applies to customers from the West Coast coming from a different brand. Those who plan on buying through BMW Financial Services can also take advantage of 3.99% APR financing.

In the first quarter of 2024, BMW sold 10,713 EVs in the US, or about 12.7% of the total volume.

Source: Cars Direct