ALPINA 16 inch 20 spoke classic wheel 830x553

ALPINA Brings Back The Original 20-Spoke Wheel Design

They don’t make them like they used to? ALPINA would beg to differ. The peeps from Buchloe are bringing back their original 20-spoke wheel design introduced in 1971 for the 3.0 CSL (E9). Purists will…

2023 ALPINA XB7 Configurator Up In The US, Maxes Out At Nearly $155,000

2020 bmw alpina b7 facelift review 08 830x553

ALPINA B7 Production Ends, No Replacement Planned

It’s the end of an era as ALPINA has assembled the very last B7 after decades of pampering the 7 Series beyond the high-end fit and finish already provided by BMW.  The Buchloe-based company took…

2023 alpina xb7 facelift 01 830x553

2023 ALPINA XB7: How I’d Build It

Today ALPINA confirmed that the facelifted X7 would indeed be receiving a bigger, better ALPINA XB7 version. You can read more about that here – but the headline really just reads as “more”. There’s more…

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Photo Comparison: ALPINA XB7 LCI vs BMW X7 LCI

Now that the ALPINA XB7 has been brought up to date, alongside the BMW X7, we should take a look at the differences between the two. Both cars received essentially the same LCI update treatment…