The 2025 BMW M5 has yet to launch on the market, but it’s already sending waves through the BMW community. Weighing in at a hefty 5,390 pounds (2,445 kilograms) in the United States, the M5 has certainly raised eyebrows and questions about which BMW models—if any—tip the scales even further.

To put the M5’s weight into perspective, it’s essential to note that this figure represents a 1,045-pound (474-kilogram) increase from its predecessor, the “F90” model. Another interesting tidbit? The G90 M5 is 2237 lbs heavier than the first M5 (E28 weighs 3153 lbs). This weight gain is attributed to the new plug-in hybrid powertrain, which combines a twin-turbo V8 engine with an electric motor, delivering a total system output of 717 horsepower.

But what about other BMW models? Are there any that surpass the M5 in terms of weight? To answer this, we delve into the broader BMW lineup, examining the weights of various models to see how they stack up against the 2025 BMW M5.


Starting with the SUV lineup, the BMW X7 emerges as a prime candidate. As BMW’s largest SUV, the X7’s weight varies depending on the specific configuration and equipment, but it can easily exceed the weight of the M5, especially in its more feature-rich variants. For example, the BMW X7 M60i exceeds the weight of the M5. The X7 M60i can weigh over 5,600 pounds.


Another model to consider is the BMW iX, the electric SUV that boasts a luxurious interior and advanced technology. Electric vehicles typically weigh more than their internal combustion counterparts due to the heavy batteries they carry. The iX, with its large battery pack designed for extended range, is no exception and can surpass the M5 in weight. The iX, particularly in its performance-oriented iX M60 version, also surpasses the 5,390-pound mark, with weights around 5,700 pounds.

BMW 7 Series and i7

The new BMW 7 Series, especially with the inclusion of hybrid and electric variants, can also be heavier than the M5. A fully loaded BMW M760e xDrive plug-in hybrid weighs 5,566 lbs. Even the BMW 750e PHEV is heavier than the new M5: 5,635 lbs. If we look at the electric 7 Series lineup, several i7 models weigh anywhere from 5,917 to 6,191 lbs.

BMW X5 50e xDrive

The 2024 BMW X5 50e, which is also a plug-in hybrid, weighs 5,573 lbs, more than the 2025 BMW M5 at 5,390 lbs.


Of course, it comes as no surprise than the XM PHEV is heavier than the M5, considering it’s the larger car and it uses the very same drivetrain. The 2024 BMW XM, especially in its high-performance Label Red variant, stands out as one of BMW’s heaviest models, with a curb weight of 6,094 lbs. This weight far exceeds that of the G90 M5.

In conclusion, while the 2025 BMW M5 is indeed a heavyweight in the performance sedan category, it is not alone in its heft within the BMW family. Naturally, none of the aforementioned have the track DNA of the M5, so they often get a pass.