At long last, there’s more variety in the color palette for the BMW M2. With the changes brought by the 2025 model year, the M division has finally added new paint jobs. The Individual catalog for the G87 has been expanded to include Twilight Purple, Grigio Telesto, Java Green, and Voodoo Blue. These special colors join the existing Frozen Pure Grey and Portimao Blue finishes.

The dedicated BMW Individual Visualizer website has already been updated to include the 2025 BMW M2, mere hours after the car’s debut. Except for the solid blue paint, the other three have a metallic finish. The Frozen ones we mentioned come with a matte look. Look for more color options in 2025 when the M2 CS is expected to break cover. Typically, CS models get at least one exclusive color.

Since this isn’t a Life Cycle Impulse, the 2025 BMW M2’s design is carried over. However, there is a new silver finish for the familiar 930 M wheels. It’s offered alongside the two-tone look pictured here and the usual all-black finish. Other subtle changes are at the rear where the exhaust tips are now black as standard. In addition, the model’s black lettering for the name at the front and rear now has a silver contour.

It remains to be seen whether an actual M2 LCI will follow. Rumor has it the G87 has a long life ahead, with production allegedly ending in mid-2029. That gives BMW plenty of time to apply additional tweaks to its smallest M car. One major change is purportedly planned for 2026 when an xDrive version could be launched. The all-paw model is expected to be sold strictly with an automatic transmission as is the case with big-brother M4. Thankfully, BMW is still selling the M2, M3, and M4 with a six-speed manual for now. In addition, the Z4 M40i also offers a three-pedal setup but the stick shift is living on borrowed time.

Source: BMW Individual Visualizer