BMW has a history of bringing great concepts to Villa d’Este but without putting any of them into production. Last year’s Touring Coupe based on the Z4 M40i almost got the green light but the project was ultimately scrapped. It looks as though the Skytop will break the mold and receive the stamp of approval. It hasn’t been signed off yet, but we’re hearing it has a solid chance of being made.

Sources close to Munich claim the M8 Convertible-based luxury gran tourer has generated positive feedback from affluent customers. The warm reception the targa-topped stunner is enjoying is encouraging BMW to build the car in limited numbers. The accountants still need to do the math and see if it’s worth it but the odds are looking good.

If approved, BMW will make at least 50 units at more than €500,000 a pop. It would be a staggering premium over the donor car. In Germany, the M8 Convertible starts at €191,500. Even if you add every conceivable option, you won’t come close to reaching half of the Skytop’s purported asking price. It would appear some deep-pocketed fans of the brand have no issue in forking out that kind of money for a rebodied F91 with two seats.

Building the Skytop would set a precedent, ideally encouraging BMW to create more special cars in the future. Come to think of it, this has already happened considering the 3.0 CSL was a reskinned M4 CSL with slightly more power and a manual gearbox. The Bavarian marque never officially disclosed the car’s price tag but it apparently cost roughly €750,000. Last November, at RM Sotheby’s Munich auction, the #44 car fetched over €1 million, so there’s clearly some demand for a BMW that costs supercar money.

BMW Group brand Rolls-Royce has had immense success with ultra-exclusive special editions. The Boat Tail was allegedly sold for more than €25 million, which would make it the most expensive new car ever.