BMW took the 2024 Concorso d’Eleganza by storm unveiled a stunning concept which might head for production. The BMW Concept Skytop builds upon the 8 Series chassis , combining retro and modern design elements to form an attractive package. The BMW Concept Skytop features a flowing, sporty elegance that pays homage to classic models like the BMW 503 and BMW Z8. Its exterior is defined by muscular, taut surfaces, precise lines, and unique design elements such as winglets integrated into the door shoulders, replacing conventional door handles. The prominent, sweeping hood features a splint which can be seen on the trunk as well. The iconic BMW shark-nose design comes with an illuminated kidney grille and it’s small in size.

Interior Luxury

BMW AG, For press and Social Media, Gudrun Muschalla

Inside, the Skytop exudes luxury with brogue-style leather seats in a consistent reddish-brown tone, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The crystal applications have a rainbow color while the rest of the cabin is pretty much an 8 Series. What’s interesting is the fact that BMW aimed to include leather wherever it was possible inside the car. The interior and exterior colors transition seamlessly, whether the roof is open or closed, thanks to the craftsmanship of BMW’s traditional saddlery from Dingolfing.

An M Engine Under The Hood

BMW AG, For press and Social Media, Gudrun Muschalla

Under the hood, the BMW Concept Skytop is powered by the S63 617-hp 4.4-liter V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo Technology, borrowed from the BMW M8 Competition. This powerful engine ensures that the Skytop is not just about looks but also delivers impressive performance. The vehicle also incorporates the latest in lighting technology, with custom-developed LED units and a flat, defined shape of the rear lights, all contributing to its sleek appearance. Another interesting tidbit: these are slimmest lights ever produced for a BMW. The taillights use a silicon tube in order to mold the shape of the LEDs.

Future Prospects

BMW AG, For press and Social Media, Gudrun Muschalla

While still a concept, the BMW Skytop has generated significant buzz, with discussions about potential production runs. If it does head to production, the Skytop could be a limited edition, further enhancing its exclusivity and appeal among collectors and enthusiasts. We’re hearing at least 50 units with a price above the already rumored $500,000. For now, the Skytop is not worldwide homologated, so unlikely to be sold in the United States through conventional sales channels.


[Photos: BMW AG / BMW Classic/ Gudrun Muschalla]