With the M4 LCI finally out and about, it’s time to say goodbye to the pre-facelift G82. The previous iteration of the Bavarian performance coupe is going out with a bang. This Competition model wears a striking Fire Orange paint job from the Individual catalog. It has also been decked out with carbon fiber goodies from the M Performance Parts catalog.

One of the less popular extras can be seen on this high-end build. We’re talking about the M body graphics that have been around in Europe since mid-2022. However, it’s only now with the 2025 M4 LCI that BMW has decided to offer them in the United States. These images show the black decals but you can have them in red as well.

As attractive as it is, this M4 is starting to look a bit dated. That’s to be expected considering the LCI has fully redesigned headlights and laser taillights. With the mid-cycle update, BMW is also offering freshly styled wheels and is making some minor changes inside. The 2025MY cars get a flat-bottomed steering wheel and restyled central air vents with different nozzles to adjust the airflow. In addition, the vents now also incorporate contour lighting.

We’re expecting to see new or updated carbon fiber M Performance Parts for the facelifted model soon. This striking M4 has another pricey upgrade since the golden calipers denote it has carbon ceramic brakes. Images illustrate the G82 with the usual carbon fiber roof, but you can also order one with a steel top featuring an electrically operated sliding sunroof.

The M4 wasn’t the best-selling product from BMW M in 2022 or 2023, nor was it the M3. The not-quite-M i4 M50 was surprisingly the most popular model. Maybe the situation will be different in 2024 taking into account that the revised M4 is out and the equivalent M3 LCI is not far behind.