The depth of BMW’s customization program is one of the greatest in the automotive industry, only surpassed by Porsche and the ultra-luxury brands. The M4 Coupe is a prime example of what and how much you can customize, provided the bank account allows it. This G82 filmed at a US dealer has had its Life Cycle Impulse applied, making it a 2025 model year.

It’s a hotter Competition model with the optional xDrive setup. The sports coupe comes finished in British Racing Green (BRG), a color made famous in the early 1900s by multiple race cars from the UK. This is a wild combo considering the extended Merino leather interior comes in Ivory White. These are just two of the options since the M4 is loaded with extras.

Aside from the Shadowline headlights and laser taillights, this G82 was configured with carbon front bucket seats. Beyond the swanky lights, new for 2025 are the central air vents with ambient lighting and the flat-bottomed steering wheel. BMW also changed the contour of the rear badges, but you’ll have to be a diehard fan to notice it. The roundel gets a glossy black surround while the M4 has a silver border.

That carbon fiber roof is standard on the M4. However, you can swap it for a steel panel with a sliding glass roof and a wind deflector at no extra charge. Those 826 M bi-color wheels have been around for years but BMW is offering some freshly designed alloys for 2025. Configuring the car exactly like this will set you back a little over $100,000.

Paying six figures for an M4 is a tough pill to swallow but let’s keep in mind the new CS costs $123,500 while the hardcore CSL was $139,900. The most expensive G82 of the bunch was the 3.0 CSL, which reportedly had a $750,000 sticker price. It was by far BMW’s priciest new car ever and also one of the rarest, at only 50 units.

Source: Auto Fanatic CT / YouTube