Shopping for a luxury car brings many advantages since high-end automakers tend to offer a wide variety of customization options. BMW is a prime example since it sells even the lowly 1 Series with Individual colors. The more money you pay to move up the hierarchy and buy a fancier model, the more goodies you will unlock in the configurator.

Aside from the usual options – which are plentiful – the M3 is offered with a generous array of paint jobs, wheel designs, and M Performance Parts. There’s an ideal build for everyone, regardless of tastes and preferences. This G80 build certainly has the wow factor since it’s painted in British Racing Green and has the front bucket seats.

It’s a more recent build since it has the iDrive 8 introduced in the first half of 2022, less than two years after the current iteration of the super sedan went on sale with the previous-generation infotainment. Riding on black wheels, this handsome right-hand-drive car has numerous carbon fiber bits inside and out. As with all Competition models and the newly launched CS, there’s no six-speed manual gearbox as BMW sells the more powerful M3s only with the eight-speed Steptronic.

BMW is far from being done sprucing up its beloved sports saloon as 2024 will see the introduction of a Life Cycle Impulse. From what we know so far, it’s supposedly getting sharper-looking headlights and possibly a minor power boost if you opt the xDrive variant. Recent spy shots have revealed the M3 Touring is already gearing up for an LCI, despite being unveiled in mid-2022.

Based on a recent statement made by the M boss, the G80 might just be the last M3 to feature a gasoline engine. Frank van Meel told Australia’s Drive magazine the goal is to make the next-gen car electric but will only happen if BMW is going to see it as an improvement over the current inline-six variant.

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