You know the world premiere of the new M5 is right around the corner when BMW intensifies its teaser campaign. Once again, new footage during testing puts the spotlight on camouflaged prototypes. However, pause the video at the right time and you’ll discover the G90 without any disguise. The super sedan appears without the makeup only briefly, but enough for us to grab a quick screenshot.

This intentionally blurred image will have to make do for now, revealing a copper-like paint job and the M-specific carbon side mirrors. The kidney grille is proportional to the front fascia and has horizontal slats along with the usual M5 badge. BMW M’s new AMG E63 fighter looks imposingly wide and has a massive lower air intake. However, this sketch is unlikely to depict the final design since recently spotted prototypes had a different front end.


Pause the video (attached below) once again at the 0:09 mark to see a different design of the front fascia, along with a portion of the rear fender. As you’d expect, the next M5 is going to have wide hips and a quad exhaust system. The latest video also reveals vertical red reflectors mounted at the extremities of the bumper.

Elsewhere, the rest of the video shows the sedan and its G99 Touring counterpart hitting the track and destroying their rear tires. Some of the footage depicts the dynamic duo undergoing cold-weather testing in Arjeplog, Sweden. We’re being told the multi-year development phase is coming to an end. We should see the sedan first in the coming weeks, with the wagon arriving near the end of 2024.

The new M5 will be the second M product with a plug-in hybrid powertrain by adopting the electrified V8 from the XM. It’s expected to outpunch the old M5 CS (F90) by packing over 700 horsepower. However, weight is a concern since an unconfirmed report states it’ll tip the scales at 2,435 kg (5,368 lbs). Given the downsizing trend and stricter emissions regulations, this will likely be the last M5 generation with eight cylinders.

Source: BMW M / YouTube