BMW’s teaser campaign for the new M5 family is in full swing, and the third video just dropped today. It was shot in Arjeplog, Sweden where the G90 Sedan and G99 Touring endured cold-weather testing. Well, “cold” would be an understatement since the dynamic duo endured temperatures as low as -33°C (-27.4°F).

Despite the harsh temperatures, the 2025 BMW M5 models fired up their V8 engines without any issues whatsoever. The sensors measured a -22°C (-7.6°F) temperature in the coolant liquid and -23°C (-9.4°F) in the transmission oil early the next morning. The twin-turbo 4.4-liter “S68” unit worked flawlessly, and so did the unspecified automatic transmission.

It’s likely derived from the eight-speed M Steptronic gearbox used by the XM from where the 700+ horsepower plug-in hybrid setup has been borrowed. Even after driving around for a bit, the transmission oil was still at -1°C (30.2°F), but even so, BMW M says the gear shifts were done without a hitch.

The high-performance sedan and wagon headed to a so-called chessboard track since it combines black and white sections. It alternates between dried and frozen surfaces while having a slight incline to assess how the M5’s grip is affected by the slippery road. It’s also a good opportunity to test the hill hold system.

Although these are still prototypes being tested at unfriendly temperatures, BMW M mentions no warning lights showed up on the digital instrument cluster. The drivers proceeded to sample a bit of the plug-in hybrid V8’s performance by doing an acceleration test on a frozen lake. We also get to see the long-roof model dancing on ice by sliding through the corners.

Even though BMW has been teasing the M5 as a couple in these videos, the cars won’t be revealed at the same time. We’ll first see the sedan in the next few weeks or months before the wagon lands near the end of the year. For the first time, the M5 Touring has a US visa, and it’s also coming to Canada.

In case you haven’t seen the two previous episodes, we’ve attached them below.

Source: BMW M / YouTube