Ever since Rolls-Royce introduced the Cullinan in 2018, we all knew the posh SUV would become the top-selling product. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the luxobarge to confirm its status as the most popular RR vehicle. While the Goodwood brand is more about quality rather than quantity, car sales ultimately pay the bills. With that in mind, some would’ve expected RR to play it safe with the Cullinan’s mid-cycle update. Why mess with a winning recipe, right? While the profile and rear have been essentially carried over, the front fascia has a bold new look. Much like BMW has come out with some risky designs in recent years, the British luxe brand dares to be different as well.

The headlights have gained a pair of “fangs” since the LED daytime running lights extended well into the bumper. The extra-long lights now form a large “C” shape with the upper section of the new air intakes. You’ll also notice the bumper no longer has an air intake to the left and right of the grille. This has cleaned up the area below the headlights, but we honestly prefer the old look.

What else is new? The 2025 Cullinan gets 23-inch wheels for the first time since the model was launched four years ago. Milled from a billet of aluminum, the wheel has a faceted seven-spoke design. Customers can opt for either a partially or fully polished appearance. RR has also created a new paint – Emperador Truffle – which apparently takes after brown marble. The imposing Pantheon grille is now illuminated while the rear gets a brushed stainless-steel protective plate.

Stepping inside, the opulent cabin looks instantly familiar. However, there are some changes if you know where to look. The new Cullinan eschews the old instrument cluster in favor of the digital driver’s display installed in the Spectre electric coupe. RR’s iconic Spirit of Ecstasy figurine now adorns the dashboard by sitting below the analog clock.

Going forward, the fancy SUV will be offered with Duality Twill – a type of upholstery made from bamboo fibers. There can be as many as 2.2 million stitches consisting of 11 miles of thread. While the twill textile comes in Black, Chocolate, or Lilac, the thread is available in 51 colors. The seats comprise 107,000 perforations in 0.8- and 1.2-mm diameters. Although Rolls-Royce owners are typically chauffeured, more than 90% of Cullinan owners drive their cars. The SUV’s launch helped the brand lower the average age of a customer from 56 in 2010 to only 43 nowadays.

Source: Rolls-Royce