We can all agree Rolls-Royce makes the most opulent vehicle the automotive scene has ever seen. Although the Goodwood marque offers practically endless customization options, tuners are still spicing up these ultra-luxury cars. Why? Because some of the one-percenters who can afford an RR want to stand out further. This is where Mansory comes in, transforming an already striking automobile into something even more eye-grabbing.

The controversial tuner has modified RR’s first foray into the EV segment. This Spectre by Mansory looks absolutely evil with a predominantly black look and a contrasting orange coachline. The custom body kit includes a massive hood made entirely out of carbon fiber, as are the rest of the newly added parts. The aftermarket specialist went to town with this build by installing a chunky front spoiler lip and a large rear diffuser.

As if the Spectre wasn’t already an imposingly large car, Mansory enlarged the side skirts. It also applied (fake) air intakes in the front fenders and quarter panels. At the rear, the trunk lid now carries a spoiler made from carbon fiber as well. The forged and polished wheels are available in 23- and 24-inch sizes, with the latter featuring meaty 295/30 R24 tires. Other changes include an extra set of LED daytime running lights in the front bumper and orange accents for the grille and RR emblem.

The contrasting color dominates the posh cabin bathed in the finest leather. The tuner applied its name across the seatbelts and pillows, not to mention the floor mats. The branding also adorns the steering wheel, footrest, and the carbon fiber panel between the rear seats. While it might seem sacrilegious to customize a Rolls interior, this doesn’t look half bad. We’ve seen far more polarizing cars modified by Mansory.

Pricing details have not been disclosed, but money is of no concern for wealthy people buying a Rolls-Royce and then modifying it.

Source: Mansory