Although there have been two-tone BMW 7 Series models in the past, the G70 is the first generation to offer a wide array of bicolor finishes. As you would imagine, such an intricate paint job doesn’t come cheap. At home in Germany, BMW is charging an extra €12,000. Go for the i7 M70 and you’re already paying nearly €194,000 without adding other extras.

This electric M Performance version of the 7er was showcased in the Czech Republic during a cultural event. The bi-color i7 M70 photographed in Prague combines Sonic Speed Blue Metallic for the lower section of the body with Sapphire Black for the upper part. The 21-inch wheels (909 M style) also have a two-tone look. Surely this is one of the most striking BMWs you’ve seen all year.

Although a lesser-known color, Sonic Speed Blue isn’t a new hue in BMW’s vast color palette. We remember seeing the vibrant shade back in 2017 on a 6 Series Convertible (F12) at the Detroit Auto Show. The fullsize luxury sedan seen here also happens to have blue brake calipers to compliment the look-at-me main color. Eagle-eyed readers will notice there’s also a black coachline à la Rolls-Royce, running along the sides of the car.

The i7 M70 currently holds the title of being BMW’s most powerful EV ever by offering 650 hp from a pair of electric motors. However, its status as the company’s most potent zero-emission car is ephemeral since the M division is testing a quad-motor EV. A fully electric M3 on the Neue Klasse platform has been confirmed and is likely to pack an extra punch.

The 7 Series / i7 continues to have one of the oddest designs in BMW’s current portfolio, mainly because of its unusual split headlight design flanking a supersized grille. We’re hearing a Life Cycle Impulse is planned for mid-2026 but don’t expect major exterior design changes. The cabin could be overhauled by switching to iDrive X with a central touchscreen and Panoramic Vision. The latter is a dashboard-wide head-up display, likely to be joined by an optional screen on the passenger side.

Source: BMW Czech Republic