BMW didn’t invent the crossover-coupe segment but made it trendy with the original X6. It’s been 17 years since the F16 went into production, and so many things have changed. This niche segment has blossomed with multiple models across luxury and mainstream automakers. BMW is still at it, and the new X2 shows that the Sports Activity Coupe remains a lucrative business.

BMWBLOG spoke with a company representative about the X2’s customer profile. We learned from Bernd Körber, Senior Vice President of BMW Brand and Product Management, Connected Company, that the SAC is popular among young women with a high income. “That’s why also this niche is still profitable for us because it fits to our target group that goes for higher models and is willing to spend more.”

It’s worth noting there was a significant gap between the first and second generation. BMW quietly ended production of the F39 back in 2022. It wasn’t until November 2023 that assembly of the U10 started in Regensburg, Germany. Totally redesigned and much larger, the new X2 also comes in a fully electric iX2 guise. It replaces the plug-in hybrid xDrive25e available during the first generation.

The latest X2 is expected to have a bigger role in BMW’s lineup than its predecessor. The current-gen X4 will reportedly be retired without getting a direct replacement. It is believed the larger crossover-coupe won’t be renewed with combustion engines. Instead, a purely electric iX4 is allegedly planned. The electric model is slated to arrive in the latter half of the decade on the Neue Klasse platform.

Meanwhile, the current G02 X4 is expected to remain in production until near the end of 2025. As for the new X2, it has a long shelf life ahead since we’re hearing it’ll be made until the second half of 2033. Rumor has it BMW has made the new X2 bigger so that it can indirectly replace the X4.