As if we needed more proof the M5 Touring is finally coming to America, the G99 has been spotted on US soil. BMW is putting the finishing touches on the eagerly awaited super wagon ahead of its release in Q4 2024. Even though it’s still heavily camouflaged, the Audi RS6 Avant rival already looks imposing with its wide hips and quad exhaust.

The long-roof M5 has the headlights and taillights completely exposed, which we don’t remember seeing before. The few visible sections of the body reveal the prototype is painted in white. The brakes look absolutely massive, as does the rear diffuser. The roof spoiler appears to be borrowed from the i5 M60 Touring. In addition, the kidney grille looks similar to what you’ll find on the M Performance i5 models.


If you’re thinking it’s a massive car, you’re not alone in your assessment. It is believed the G90 M5 Sedan is 5096 mm (200.6 in) long and 1970 mm (77.5 in) wide. The G99 M5 Touring is likely to have extremely similar proportions. Weight is, of course, a real concern. A previous report indicated the sedan tips the scales at a whopping 5,368 pounds (2,435 kilograms). If true, and assuming it’s without a driver, that would make it 1,190 lbs (540 kg) heavier than the old M5 Competition (F90).

The huge jump in weight is not primarily caused by the size increase. It’s mostly due to the adoption of a plug-in hybrid setup. Thankfully, the V8 is staying, but it’ll work with an electric motor. The 4.4-liter, twin-turbo “S68” and e-motor are expected to deliver a combined 718 horsepower. The massive output will be routed to 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels. BMW M will fit 285/40/20 front and 295/35/21 rear tires, respectively.

The first order of business is to reveal the sedan in the following months. The more practical body style will be out near the year’s end. In the United States, we’re estimating the Touring will start at $120,000 to $125,000. At home in Germany, Bavaria’s ultimate wagon will kick off at less than €150,000.

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