BMW’s current infotainment technology still feels fresh, having been introduced just three years ago. It has already been updated (iDrive 8.5 or iDrive 9.0 depending on the model) but a whole new system is coming in 2025. iDrive X was first previewed on the Vision Neue Klasse sedan last September and once again this week on the equivalent crossover. The two have a central display bigger than anything used in current production models.

In addition, iDrive 10 will come along with Panoramic Vision, a 3D head-up display as wide as the dashboard. It replaces the traditional instrument cluster and provides relevant information in the driver’s line of sight to reduce distractions. Although the front passenger can easily see the info projected by the HUD, they might get a dedicated screen.

At the world premiere of the Vision Neue Klasse X concept this week, we asked BMW whether the company intends to put a screen on the passenger side of the dashboard. The Munich-based luxury marque said it’s evaluating this feature while keeping a close eye on what the competition is doing. Archrival Mercedes has been doing it for years on its EQ electric models while Audi just launched the Q6 E-Tron with a front triple-screen layout.

Many would argue an extra screen just for the front passenger would be overkill since that large center display would be right next to it. In addition, future BMWs with the ultra-wide HUD would already make the information available to the passenger. At the same time, one more screen would contradict the philosophy previewed by the Vision Neue Klasse concepts that focus on a simplified interior layout with even fewer conventional controls.

While BMW isn’t confirming a passenger display is planned for production models, we’ve heard through the grapevine it will be available at some point. Our sources have told us the extra display could be offered at an additional cost, not just on Neue Klasse-based models, but also on CLAR products.

The optional equipment could be offered for both next-generation models and a Life Cycle Impulse of current products. Presumably, it’s a feature likely to be available for the higher-end BMWs. The screen will reportedly “float” above the dashboard unless the engineers find a better way to integrate it into the dashboard.

In the back, BMW is the king of screens in the luxury segment with the 31.3-inch display for the 7 Series and the long-wheelbase 5 Series sold in China. The rear-seat entertainment system comes in a 32:9 format and supports 8K resolution. It turns the posh sedans into cinemas on wheels thanks to Amazon Fire TV, surround sound system, and 5G connectivity.