When BMW introduced the Vision Neue Klasse X earlier this week, it didn’t release any firm technical specifications. It only spoke about the advantages brought by the sixth-generation batteries with round cells and also briefly touched on aerodynamic and efficiency improvements over the current iX3. We were curious to learn more about the electric SUV and had a chat with the man who designed it.

Head of BMW i Design Kai Langer told us the new concept is bigger than the CLAR-based iX3 on sale today but smaller than the X5. To get an idea of the vehicle’s proportions, we’ll remind you the outgoing iX3 is 4734 mm (186.3 in) long, 1891 mm (74.4 in) wide, and 1668 mm (65.6 in) tall. As for the X5, it measures 4935 mm (194.2 in) long, 2004 mm (78.9 in) wide, and 1755 mm (69 mm) tall.

Kai Lander mentioned last year’s Vision Neue Klasse sedan is bigger than the 3 Series Sedan currently available. We asked him why BMW decided to change the front fascia, opting for a vertical orientation of the kidneys for the X concept whereas the previous concept had a horizontal layout of the grille. The decision was taken not just to visually separate the two cars but also because the SUV has a taller front fascia for which the upright grille is more suitable.

The BMW i Design boss explained the typical SUV buyer wants a vehicle with a front fascia that has more presence. He added that Vision Neue Klasse X is “pretty close” to the production version arriving in 2025, so much so that Kai Lander’s mother can’t tell the difference between the concept and the subsequent road-going model.

While chrome used to be a signature trait of a luxury car, it’s been replaced by light as part of BMW’s efforts to become a more sustainable brand. Compared to an X3 on sale today, the concept sits closer to the road for better aerodynamic efficiency. During our time with Kai Lander, we also learned the interior has been changed compared to the Vision Neue Klasse sedan by opting for a rear bench (complete with pillows) instead of individual seats.

The Neue Klasse-based BMW iX3 (NA5) will go into series production in mid-2025 at the new Debrecen plant in Hungary. For the time being, the current model (G08) will continue at the Dadong factory in China.