It was back in June when Alpha-N unveiled its comprehensive aftermarket package for the BMW M2 before completing the first car a few months later. At the ongoing 2023 Essen Motor Show, aftermarket parts supplier GP Products is exhibiting its tricked-out G87 equipped with numerous custom parts created by the German tuner. A new walkaround video puts the spotlight on the sports coupe designed to mimic the rare M3 GT E36.

From the front spoiler to the rear diffuser, most of the new body parts are made from carbon fiber. It’s the massive wing that stands out the most, although those bronze HRE wheels are equally eye-catching. Brought closer to the road courtesy of a suspension lowering kit, this custom-built BMW M2 GT boasts a vented hood and a carbon grille, not to mention a modified interior and loads of carbon in the engine bay.


GP Products has published a thorough video explaining all the changes their M2 has gone through. Shockingly, they spent €264,487 on this wild build painted in British Racing Green. The extent of the changes is impressive considering they basically stripped down the car to make room for a plethora of custom bits, including vented fenders and a full carbon hood. Even the interior was subjected to some changes by bringing more of than green theme in line with the M3 GT E36.

It’s not all show without any extra go as GP Products also boosted the inline-six engine with a pair of new turbos, a full titanium exhaust, an upgraded intake manifold, and a different radiator. The heavily modified M2 received a beefier transmission cooler, air intake kit, uprated brakes, and many other tweaks. It also has the strut brace from an M4 CSL from which the builders took inspiration for the yellow daytime running lights.

Some would argue this M2 build is overkill but for a company specialized in selling aftermarket parts, this wild build serves as a demonstrator vehicle. It’s a neat way of showing the many layers of customization available for the smallest M car, inviting potential customers to order only the parts they like instead of going for the full package.

Source: Automotive Mike / YouTube, GP Products / YouTube