When BMW introduced the i5 Touring earlier this week, one of the versions it highlighted in press images was an eDrive40 painted in Cape York Green and equipped with the M Sport Package. An almost identical specification of Bavaria’s first-ever electric wagon has now touched down at the BMW UK headquarters.

The only difference we’re seeing between the two cars is the switch from blue to red calipers. This one too has the Shadowline headlights flanking a blacked-out kidney grille. It’s also sitting on identical 20-inch wheels (939 M style), but BMW allows you to go a size higher or lower when configuring the i5 Touring. Although this isn’t the hotter i5 M60 Touring, it shows that with the right options, even the lesser eDrive40 can look posh.


The new 5 Series wagon is shaping to be an excellent all-rounder, although the fully electric version might give people range anxiety. In addition, the lack of a gasoline-only version at launch is a tough pill to swallow since you’ll either get one of the diesels (520d, 520d xDrive, 540d xDrive) or the plug-in hybrids (530e, 530e xDrive). Since this pre-production prototype was filmed in the UK, we should mention BMW’s local division will only sell the G61 generation as a PHEV and EV. That’s right – there aren’t any pure ICE variants available.

The walkaround video doesn’t necessarily paint an accurate picture of how big the luxury wagon has gotten for its sixth generation. The Mercedes E-Class Estate rival is 97 mm longer (5,060 mm), 32 mm wider (1,900 mm), and 17 mm higher (1,515 mm) than the preceding G31 model. The engineers have also stretched the wheelbase by 20 mm (2995 mm), which BMW says is the longest in the segment.

Predictably, it’s also a heavy car since even the lightest of the bunch – the 520d with rear-wheel drive – tips the scales at 1,835 kilograms. The i5 M60 is the porkiest, at 2,350 kg. These figures tell us that the hotly anticipated M5 Touring with its plug-in hybrid V8 setup is going to be seriously heavy. The G99 will be released later this year.

Source: Tim King / YouTube