Autotrader UK’s Rory Reid is back with another video of the BMW M2 G87. After introducing their new sportscar a few weeks ago, it’s now time to take the little rocket to the track. And of course, to answer a critical questions: is the new BMW M2 too heavy to have some fun? The BMW M2 is actually about the same weight as the M4 and, in some cases, almost exactly the same. At its lightest, the BMW M2 checks in at 3,814 lbs, with a carbon fiber roof and manual transmission. The BMW M4 with a carbon roof and a manual is around the same. If you don’t spec the carbon roof and get the automatic transmission in the BMW M2, you’re looking at almost 3,900 lbs. That’s where a car of the M2’s size is considered heavy.

Fortunately, during our personal track and road evaluation, the G87 BMW M2 effectively concealed its bulk. There were scarcely any moments when its weight was perceptible. However, when directly compared with the F87 M2 CS, as we did, the difference in weight becomes unmistakably clear. The new BMW M2, though, has many admirable qualities. It features the BMW S58 engine, a high-performance iteration of the B58 engine prevalent across many BMW models. This engine is a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six, boasting 453 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. Power is delivered exclusively to the rear wheels through either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission. You can pair the car with a six-speed or an eight-speed automatic.

Reid does a great job not only tossing around the G87 M2 on a wet track, but also to highlight the car’s capabilities as a “daily driver” as well. His car is also an automatic since in the UK, the 8-speed sales exceed those of the six-speed manual. The reverse might be applicable in other markets. So, it’s the BMW M2 a good track car? Is it a proper M car? Let’s find out!