BMW Motorrad USA has just introduced its latest motorcycling offerings – the 2024 BMW F 800 GS, F 900 GS, and F 900 GS Adventure. These newly redesigned models will focus on the rider’s increasing needs with more features and an enhanced equipment list. The MSRP of the F 800 GS is $10,495, the F 900 GS at $13,495 and the F 900 GS Adventure at $14,195. The estimated market launch is set for early Q2 2024.

Entry-Level Perfection: The F 800 GS

The F 800 GS emerges as the ideal entry-level bike, boasting a more powerful engine and a suite of standard equipment designed to entice newcomers and experienced riders alike. Its engine delivers 87 hp at 6,750 rpm, and 67 lb-ft of torque, promising a lively and responsive ride. The F 800 GS uses an 895 cc 2-cylinder in-line engine producing 87 hp @ 6,750 rpm and 67 lb-ft of torque @ 6,750 rpm. Compared to the predecessor models, output and torque have been increased and the torque curve is now significantly greater over the entire speed range. This results in noticeably more pulling power and faster acceleration.

Off-Road Mastery: The F 900 GS

A brand-new addition, the F 900 GS is engineered for off-road enthusiasts. This model sees a significant reduction in weight, an increase in power output to 105 hp, and an abundance of equipment, ensuring a thrilling yet controlled off-road experience. In the F 900 GS and F 900 GS Adventure, the 2-cylinder engine generates 105 hp at 8,500 rpm (previously: 95 hp) and has a maximum torque of 68.6 lb-ft at 6,750 rpm (previously: 67.8 lb-ft).

The Ultimate Touring Companion: The F 900 GS Adventure

Designed for both on and off-road adventures, the F 900 GS Adventure is the go-to choice for riders seeking a bike that can handle long-distance tours with ease. Its well-thought-out features and robust build make it a reliable companion on any terrain. The F models also boast a host of features:

– Over 30 lb weight reduction in the F 900 GS.
– Active Knock Control for versatile fuel compatibility.
– Standard Akrapovič Sport Muffler on the F 900 GS.
– Two riding modes (Rain and Road), with ABS Pro and DTC.
– Optional advanced features like Ride Modes Pro, DBC Engine drag torque control, and Keyless Ride.
– Enhanced lighting and display technology with a 6.5-inch TFT display.

Suspension and Handling

The latest F 800 GS, F 900 GS, and F 900 GS Adventure models from BMW Motorrad feature a robust trellis frame constructed from deep-drawn, welded sheet steel. This design ingeniously incorporates the 2-cylinder in-line engine as a structural component, enhancing the bike’s overall stability. A distinct feature is the bolted-on steel rear frame, which contributes to the bikes’ sleek and compact rear profile. Notably, the F 900 GS is equipped with a newly designed 3.8-gallon plastic fuel tank, which is significantly lighter than its predecessor, reducing the bike’s weight by 9.9 lbs and contributing to improved handling and performance.

The models feature:

– Trellis steel frame with a bolt-on section for rigidity.
– Adjustable upside-down forks and double-sided swinging arm with central rear shock.
– Optional Enduro Pro Package for enhanced off-road performance.

Safety, Ergonomics and Control

Safety is paramount with standard features like BMW Motorrad ABS Pro and Dynamic Brake Control as part of the optional Riding Modes Pro. These systems ensure stability and control, especially in challenging riding conditions. The new GS models offer optimized ergonomics for a comfortable ride. Adjustable elements like the gearshift lever cater to various riding styles and conditions.


The new BMW F 900 GS has been upgraded with an LED headlight that features a broader low beam angle, providing enhanced illumination directly in front of the motorcycle. This improvement is particularly beneficial for increased safety during night rides at lower speeds. Additionally, this headlight is over 1.3 lbs lighter than that of its predecessor, contributing to the bike’s overall weight reduction. Both the F 900 GS Adventure and the F 800 GS are outfitted with comprehensive LED lighting, ensuring visibility and safety.

In terms of connectivity and control, the new F Series GS models are equipped with a large, user-friendly 6.5-inch color TFT display. This display stands out for its clarity, the breadth of information it provides, and its ease of use. Even in challenging lighting conditions, the large screen ensures optimal readability. The display is seamlessly integrated with the multi-controller on the left handlebar, allowing for swift and safe operation. It comes standard with screen displays designed for the Enduro rider, with additional options available through the Riding Modes Pro.

The system offers intuitive control over phone calls, music, and navigation while riding. By connecting a smartphone and a helmet equipped with a communication system via Bluetooth, riders can access media and phone functions directly through the TFT display, without the need for additional apps. This setup also enables riders to listen to music on the go. Moreover, the BMW Motorrad Connected app provides convenient arrow-based navigation directly on the display, an ideal feature for navigating daily traffic or short journeys without the need for extra devices.

New Colors

The newly unveiled BMW F 800 GS comes in a variety of colors and styles, each designed to enhance its unique character:

– Base Style: The F 800 GS in its basic configuration features a sleek Light White solid paint for both the bike and its radiator trim and fuel tank center cover. This clean look is contrasted with black handlebars and a striking black/blue seat, both adorned with the distinctive GS embroidery.

– Style Sport: Emphasizing its dynamic nature, this version sports a Racing Blue color scheme complemented by Light White radiator trim and a matching fuel tank center cover. The clear windshield, silver handlebars, and a black/red seat with GS embroidery all contribute to its sporty aesthetic.

– Style Triple Black: For a more sophisticated and purposeful appearance, the F 800 GS in Style Triple Black comes in Black Storm Metallic, extending to the fuel tank center cover, and is offset by radiator trim in Mineral Grey Matte Metallic. Silver handlebars and a black-grey seat with GS embroidery complete its dynamic look.

For the F 900 GS, BMW introduces distinct color palettes and styles:

– Base Style: The standard F 900 GS model is decked in a Base Black Storm Metallic, with a Mineral Grey Matte Metallic fuel tank cover. This is complemented by black-coated fixed fork tubes, rear frame, wheel rims, and a black seat with red accents. Black Storm radiator panels featuring the GS logo add a contrasting detail.

– Style Passion: This optional variant stands out with its vibrant São Paulo Yellow solid paint, giving it a sporty and energetic feel. Black-coated wheels and forks add to its athletic appearance, while the red rear frame and matching radiator trim, fuel tank side covers, and fork slider tube cover, all featuring black/red graphics, enhance its dynamic presence.

– Style GS Trophy: The most adventurous in spirit, this style merges Light White solid paint with Racing Blue Matte Metallic and Racing Red, highlighting its off-road capabilities. It features aluminum brackets for hand protectors, an aluminum engine guard, black fork tubes, and a black seat with red contrasts. Gold wheel rims and a white rear frame, along with Light White fuel tank side covers and radiator trim accented with BMW’s blue/red graphics, create a striking look.

The F 900 GS Adventure also receives its unique styling cues:

– Base Style: Ready for adventure, the base style of the F 900 GS Adventure in Black Storm Metallic, including on the fuel tank center cover, exudes a sense of readiness for off-road tours and long-distance travel. Black components like the engine, fork tubes, wheel rims, and a black-grey comfort seat blend seamlessly for a robust appearance.

– Style Ride Pro: This variant in White Aluminum Matte embodies the spirit of adventure and long-distance travel. Complemented by new radiator trim with the GS logo in White Aluminum and a black-grey comfort seat, the F 900 GS Adventure in this style strikes a balance between sportiness and elegance.

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