The 2025 BMW X3 is just around the corner so naturally, BMW is stepping up their testing efforts. The car in now in the final evaluation phase before it joins the production line in August 2024, and it was just filmed in Germany. In contrast to the Neue Klasse iX3, the G45 BMW X3 will continue to be manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Being a global product, and one of the most popular BMW SUVs today, the 2025 BMW X3 lineup will be quite diverse.


Rumors point to the following models: BMW X3 20i, X3 30i, X3 40d, X3 M50i. Of course, each one of these variants will be offered with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. BMW is not investing in new engines, so we expect to see the same lineup of powertrains as today. Of course, small technical updates are still possible for these engines, like the addition of mild-hybrids. The plug-in hybrid lineup will not be ignored, so we expect to see at least one PHEV variant – a BMW X3 30e. Initially it was believed that the new G45 X3 will drop the “i” or “d” from their designation, but that might not hold true for this particular model.

Interior Design and Infotainment

Inside, we don’t expect major changes in the G45 BMW X3. Since it was penned before the Neue Klasse family of cars, we expect the interior design to be closer to the current generation of BMW cars. So a large curved display is likely present powered by the Android Automotive OS-based iDrive 9. It’s also possible that future facelifts would bring the G45 BMW X3 design closer to the Neue Klasse iX3 which includes a taller infotainment screen, Panoramic Display and even less physical buttons.

We’re hearing the luxury crossover will be pushed upmarket with better interior materials as well as driver assistance systems matching those of the X5. An illuminated grille is planned, as is a Harman Kardon sound system. Also, the color lineup could include the usual suspects seen on other new BMWs: Dark Graphite, Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Mineral White, Mineral Red, Skyscraper Gray, Brooklyn Gray, plus a new Arctic Race Blue.

Market Launch and Unveil

With the start of production planned for August, we expect to see the 2025 BMW X3 (G45) in early summer, potentially even before the new G90 M5. Of course, press test drives will commence before the market launch which is planned for fall, so we should have an idea of its driving dynamics and features around that same time.