It’s safe to say BMW M GmbH is flourishing. Sales numbers have never been this high, fueled by record levels of models. Whether it’s M Performance or M, the German luxury brand is covering pretty much all segments of the market. From coupes and sedans to convertibles and SUVs, there’s an M car out there for you. Of course, we mustn’t omit the M3 Touring, with the big-brother M5 wagon arriving in 2024.

A new video shot on the Autobahn illustrates the performance differences between a variety of M and M Performance cars. Recorded on an unrestricted section of the highway, the footage focuses on how these vehicles stack up in a sprint from 62 to 124 mph (100 to 200 km/h). As for the cars featured here, we’re dealing with the X5 M60i, M340i xDrive, X3 M Competition facelift, M2 G87 with the automatic transmission, M4 Coupe with rear-wheel drive, an M3 G80 xDrive with RaceChip tuning, and a rare M4 CSL.

The order in which the cars appear in the video is from the slowest to the quickest. The X5 M60i took 10.8 seconds to get the job done while the M4 CSL needed only 6.6 seconds. We reckon BMW is cooking up at least one car that’s going to be even quicker since next year’s M4 CS will have all-wheel drive. There’s also the M5 with over 700 horsepower but the super sedan is going to weigh about as much as the moon due to its intricate plug-in hybrid V8.

Come 2026, one of the quickest-accelerating M cars ever is likely to take the shape of an M2 with xDrive. If our sources are correct, BMW higher-ups have approved an all-paw G87 with over 500 horsepower sent to both axles via an automatic transmission. In the meantime, the portfolio is set to grow even further with an i5 M60 Touring electric performance wagon slated to go on sale in 2024.

Source: Automann-TV / YouTube