There are several ways to spruce up a car if you’re bored with it but can’t fork out the money for a newer model. One can install components from a superior version or go the aftermarket route and customize the vehicle with third-party upgrades. This Indian shop has another idea – an exterior makeover to trick the untrained eye into believing you’ve just bought the next-gen car.

The Pune-based shop worked on a 5 Series F10 and modified it to resemble its successor, the G30. The folks over at Brotomotiv went a step further by mimicking the look of the facelifted model, laser headlights and all. In addition, the 12-year-old luxury sedan was fully repainted and received a quad exhaust system. There was also some upbadging “work” done by putting an M5 logo on the kidney grille, even though they kept the 520d badge on the trunk lid. Controversial, I know.

Some body panels were also slightly modified, but if you know where to look, you can tell it’s still an F10 rather than a G30. The profile immediately betrays the car’s true identity since the character lines don’t match. Eagle-eyed readers will also notice the piece of trim on the front fenders is mounted near the top rather than the bottom. We’d argue a bigger set of wheels would’ve nicely complemented the sportier look the owner wanted from this conversion.

Overall, Brotomotiv did a great job of refreshing a car manufactured in 2012 and making it look as if it recently rolled off the assembly line. BMW aficionados will immediately spot it’s an F10 and not a real M5 but the transformation is something we can all appreciate. It would’ve been better without the upbadging, but who are we to judge what someone does to their car?

You can watch the timelapse video below.

Source: Brotomotiv / YouTube