Regardless of how many parallel universes are out there, we’re certain these two cars are not direct competitors in any of them. Even so, it’s always fun watching two completely different vehicles in a drag race, especially when there’s such a massive price discrepancy between them. In Australia where these two EVs were tested by CarExpert, that small hatchback costs roughly six times less than the luxobarge.

In one corner, we have the MG4 XPower, an electric hot hatch built in China with dual motors and all-wheel drive. It has a combined output of 429 horsepower and 600 Newton-meters (443 pound-feet) of torque for a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) run in only 3.8 seconds. In the other corner, the BMW i7 M70 is an entirely different take on a dual-motor, AWD-equipped car since it packs 650 hp and 1,100 Nm (811 lb-ft) when M Launch Control and M Sport Boost are activated. The Bavarian colossus does the sprint in 3.7 seconds.

You can imagine the MG is a lot lighter than the BMW. Indeed, the compact hatchback weighs only 1,800 kilograms (3,968 pounds) whereas the fullsize sedan tips the scales at a whopping 2,695 kg (5,941 lbs). Yes, there’s an enormous 895-kg (1,973-lb) difference between the two vehicles. What do all of these numbers mean in a good old-fashioned drag race? CarExpert decided to find out by orchestrating three tests with the cars in different modes: normal, sport, and with launch control.

The MG4 Xpower won the first showdown but had to settle for second place in the subsequent duels. In the rolling race from 31 mph (50 km/h) that followed, it was another win for the BMW i7 M70. However, the two were neck and neck throughout the whole race as the little hatch managed to keep up with the massive sedan.

When it comes to performance, you’re better off buying the MG and saving a fortune but it’s obviously no match for the poshness of the BMW. The rise of EVs has made neck-snapping acceleration relatively affordable but if you want that plus comfort, luxury, and technology, you’ll have to step up to a premium car.

Source: CarExpert / YouTube