Apple has recently rolled out iOS 17.1.1, containing fixes for a couple of noteworthy bugs that have surfaced in recent times. One significant bug involved users encountering issues while attempting to charge their iPhone 15 using BMW’s in-car wireless charging. Certain NFC features such as Apple Pay or BMW’s digital car key were reportedly breaking in the process. An Apple service memo, as reported by MacRumors, indicated that the problem occurred when charging iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, or iPhone 15 Pro Max in specific BMW and Toyota Supra car models.

This problem temporarily disrupts the NFC capabilities of the device, affecting features like Apple Pay and digital car keys. Users impacted by this problem may receive an error message in the Wallet app stating “Could Not Set Up Apple Pay,” even if they had previously configured Apple Pay on their devices. Although the root cause remains unclear, Apple has assured users of an upcoming software update later this year to address the issue. Now apparently that update is finally here. We updated our iPhone 15 Pro to 17.2 Beta and had no issue charging the phone with the 2024 BWM iX M60.

What can you do?

If you have an iPhone 15 and drive a BMW, it is best to avoid charging the device with the vehicle’s wireless charging pad unless you updated to iOS 17.1.1 or 17.2 beta. If your iPhone 15’s NFC chip has already failed, you can contact Apple for support. They may be able to replace your iPhone or offer you a refund. Certainly, wireless charging should never render your phone unusable, and it’s also a less efficient method. The USB-C cable consistently establishes a reliable connection with the car, ensuring a fast charge without the risk of overheating the phone.