If there’s one BMW that doesn’t need to be modified in terms of appearance, it’s probably the E24. The original 6 Series is still a gorgeous car even though it debuted nearly half a century ago. This pristine example was built later in the life cycle since it’s a 1986 car that has been pampered by the talented folks at Carlex Design.

The Polish aftermarket shop renamed it 635 CRX and it’s the first out of a total of seven builds. Carlex Design typically spends about 340 hours developing a new package but this one took more than 1,200 hours. Most of the work was invested inside the cabin where there’s new leather just about everywhere you look. Yes, even the dials of the instrument cluster now incorporate leather, which is something we don’t remember ever seeing before.

The interior is more than just applying an abundance of leather since Carlex Design actually developed new seats on the original frame. These are said to be more comfortable than the OEM ones thanks to improved ergonomics and different foam to make the E24 more relaxing during longer trips. They also tinkered with the steering wheel by applying leather featuring intricate stitching inspired by handmade luxury goods. Another change consists of a better audio system with upgraded speakers front and rear as well as an eight-channel amplifier.

Carlex Design’s logo has been generously applied inside and out, so much so that we can’t see a single BMW roundel on this classic and classy 6 Series. Other changes include a more modern suspension that promises to blend the best of both worlds by offering a mélange of sportiness and comfort. Another notable modification is the aftermarket wheel featuring a period-correct design and a three-piece construction with aluminum and stainless steel.

As a finishing touch, this first-generation BMW 6 Series received a special plaque inside to denote its exclusivity. In addition, the owner also received a bespoke certificate of authenticity to prove this isn’t just any E24.

Source: Carlex Design