The E24 BMW 6 Series isn’t talked about as much as cars like E9 BMWs, the E30 3 Series, and even the E28 5 Series, but it’s one of the coolest classic Bimmers ever made. Its Paul Bracq design still looks good today and its combination of straight-six engine, manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, and classic grand touring car looks make it an incredibly desirable package. So it’s a damn shame when you see one that’s been sitting for decades, completely forgotten and neglected. In this new video from The Late Brake Show, Jonny Smith finds an E24 6 Series in a shed and tries to awaken it from its slumber.

This particular 6 Series had been sitting since 2001, essentially acting as a storage shelf in a dusty old shed. It had boxes full of random stuff sitting on top of it, which scratched up the paint quite badly. However, Smith was able to tell that, through the dust and the scratches, there was actually a decent car under it all. Even the interior looked shockingly good, with very few signs of wear on the seats, the dashboard, and steering wheel. Aside from being dusty and dirty (and very likely moldy), the interior was in great shape.

After manually inflating two flat tires (which looked exhausting), Smith was able to help push it out of the barn, where he and his BMW-specialist friend tried to start it. The owner of the car had previously taken the spark plugs out, inexplicably, so there was likely something wrong with the engine prior to it being tucked away in the shed. Which meant they had to figure out what was wrong with it, while also trying to work around a 1980s engine immobilizer.

Some tinkering with a self-made fuel can, which bypasses the car’s fuel tank so they can use clean new fuel and forgo the old fuel pump, proved to actually trigger a safety mechanism, so the engine wouldn’t start. However, some tinkering with the engine—cleaning the distributor, fresh spark plugs, and using the car’s original fuel pump—was able to actually get the old engine to start.

The E24 6 Series is going to be headed for sale soon, and you can actually buy it if you want, and hopefully someone gives it a good home and a full restoration. Cars like this 6 Series need to be on the road, not in sheds, so it’s great to see it come back to life.