BMW has updated its website in the United States to include the 540i xDrive in the configurator. Featuring a turbocharged inline-six engine, the 3.0-liter model is going into production this month and offers a significant bump in power over its predecessor from the G30 generation. Indeed, at 375 hp and 384 lb-ft, it delivers an additional 40 hp and 52 lb-ft.

Factor in the mild-hybrid technology, total torque rises to 398 lb-ft. With the newly gained oomph, the 540i xDrive will run to 60 mph in only 4.4 seconds. It’s the most potent 5 Series G60 with a pure ICE setup you can buy as the lesser 530i available with or without xDrive makes do with only 255 hp. This inline-six model is offered exclusively with AWD.

Math starts at $64,900 but you’ll probably want the optional M Sport Package, in which case BMW is going to charge you an extra $3,000. There are many other colors to choose from aside from this $650 Cape York Green, including the matte Frozen Pure Grey Metallic and Frozen Deep Grey Metallic that go for $3,600 each. The smallest wheels measure 19 inches whereas the largest ones are 21 inches. We split the difference here and opted for a 20-inch setup.

All the vegan upholsteries ((Veganza) are offered at no extra cost whereas the Extended Merino available in three color combinations is an additional $2,450. As always with a 5 Series, options are plentiful, and you can spend upwards of $80,000 on a fully loaded 540i xDrive if you go crazy with the configurator.

If you’d rather go electric, a base i5 eDrive40 retails from $66,800 whereas the i5 M60 begins at $84,100. When the 540i xDrive was announced in mid-September, BMW USA also revealed plans to sell a $69,800 i5 xDrive but the configurator doesn’t have it just yet. Debuting next year in both sedan and wagon flavors, the M5 is surely going to cost six figures.

Source: BMW USA