Not only has BMW finally launched an M3 Touring that (some) people can buy but it’s also bringing back the M5 Touring next year. While the former isn’t available in the United States, we’re hearing the latter is coming on this side of the pond. One independent artist who calls himself Sugar Design on Instagram is dreaming big by imagining a third high-performance wagon.

Behold the very much hypothetical M2 Touring that we’ll likely never get. This G87 with a long roof and an extra pair of doors is what dreams are made of, and we’re sure many would sign up for a cheaper alternative to the M3 Touring G81. An M2 Coupe starts at €75,400 in Germany where BMW is charging €101,300 for the M3 wagon, so there’s a big gap between the two a more practical M2 could fill.

An M2 Touring would likely be available only with an automatic transmission and xDrive, much like its bigger brother. Of course, this is all in an alternate universe in which BMW would build this dreamy wagon. While an M2 estate is a pipe dream, all-wheel drive might actually come later in the G87’s life cycle as sources close to the matter have told us an M2 xDrive could be launched as early as 2026. Needless to say, it would be sold strictly with the eight-speed Steptronic.

A high-performance wagon separate from the M3 and M5 pair of Tourings is in the offing as the fully electric i5 M60 Touring will be launched in 2024. We might also get a production version of the stunning Concept Touring Coupe based on the Z4 M40i roadster, but it’ll be an extremely expensive limited-run model.

Perhaps this M2 Touring rendering will inspire some tuners to build one for real. After all, there’s an M4 pickup truck out there, so nothing is impossible.

Source: Sugar Design / Instagram