Ever since BMW created an E92 BMW M3 pickup truck as an April Fools joke several years back, fans have wondered what an actual production version would be like. High-performance car-based pickups aren’t anything new, as Australia has been using them for decades. They’re called “utes” down there and they’re awesome. This BMW M4 Ute was built by Dinmann, who created it to show off his carbon fiber parts at SEMA.

The BMW M4 Ute is called the “M4 Maloo,” which is a reference to the Australian ute, the Holden Maloo. The word “Maloo” means thunder in native Australian Aboriginal language and this car certainly brings the thunder (I heard that in Will Ferrell’s voice).

Photo by www.europeanautosource.com

It’s based on the BMW M4 Competition, which means it gets the 503 horsepower version of BMW’s S58 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged I6 engine. It’s also paired to an eight-speed automatic. Typically, the BMW M4 would have back seats and a trunk but this one ditches its back seats to make room for the pickup bed. With that custom body, you can go to the hardware store and shuttle your supplies back at 155 mph with no problem.

In this video, Dinmann walks you through the BMW M4 Maloo and shows off how it was built. The entire project only took six weeks and, while it isn’t entirely finished, it’s surprisingly complete. It’s perfectly livable and drivable right now, despite still having some unfinished parts. When it’s finally done, it will be a genuinely unique car.

It also shows off the usefulness of performance utes, as they combine the practicality of a pickup with the high performance of a sports car. The BMW M4 Competition is a monstrously fast car and one that would be hilarious to drive with a pickup bed. I hope Dinmann does these conversions for customers, as it would be awesome to see them driving around.