BMW Motorrad, in its centenary year, continues to uphold its reputation for high-performance vehicles by introducing the BMW M 1000 XR. This long-distance sports bike is the third member of the M model family, following the M 1000 RR superbike and the M 1000 R roadster. According to BMW, the M series embodies racing success and the allure of high-performance BMW models, catering to riders seeking top-tier performance, exclusivity, and individuality.

201 hp and weighs 223 kg

The M 1000 XR boasts an impressive 201 hp from its 4-cylinder engine, weighing only 223 kg. It’s designed for dynamic riding on country roads, extended long-distance journeys, and spirited laps on the racetrack, making it the lightest in its crossover segment. The engine, based on the S 1000 RR power unit, offers more peak power, torque, and traction thanks to shorter gear ratios, delivering a thrilling riding experience.

Aerodynamics also play a crucial role in the M 1000 XR’s design. The addition of winglets on the front side panels enhances lap times on the racetrack and stability at high speeds. These winglets generate aerodynamic downforce, increasing front wheel load by around 12 kg at 220 km/h.

Tuned for the track as well

The suspension and chassis, rooted in the S 1000 XR’s aluminum bridge frame, are optimized for country roads and racetracks. Dynamic Damping Control (DDC), adjustable spring base, and a front-oriented tubular handlebar labeled with “BMW M XR” provide a sporty feel. New M brake callipers and lightweight forged aluminum wheels further enhance the bike’s performance.

A standout feature for racetrack enthusiasts is the Brake Slide Assist, aiding riders in controlled brake drifting into corners. The 6.5-inch TFT display on the instrument cluster offers clear visibility and integrates with accessories like the M GPS Datalogger and M GPS Laptrigger.

M-Inspired Design

The M 1000 XR’s design emphasizes performance with its compact, aggressive proportions. Its front end features distinct M winglets, and the color scheme combines Black with M colors – Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Red. For those seeking even more, the M Competition Package offers M Carbon wheels, additional carbon parts, and a lighter overall package.

So why the new model? Because BMW wants the M 1000 XR to be a top-tier long-distance sports bike designed for high-performance enthusiasts. With a powerful engine, aerodynamic enhancements, and sport-focused design, it’s the pinnacle of its class, and the M Competition Package takes it even further for those seeking the ultimate riding experience.